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3 the rockets ree glare glaae 3--3 33 and the bombs bursting in air. aii. 3 we're live rom theeinner america's birthday.. ----------------------------- a lot of red, white and blue mmde overseas.yoo woold think we would support ur own countryy" how the chhnnse are takkig over your july 4th fessitivies. pe's gonna blow! the buu is the killer what it took an argument at a downtoon 3 shooting..- p "i say over and ovee againn itt truely these maniacs with &pguns." why police don't thinkkthey'll have a tough 3 3 3 gooo evening i'm
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3 jenniffr gilbert, jeff is off. tonight, the rockets were glaring and the bombs were burssing once agaan over baltimore inncelebration of our nation's birthday. july fourth is a time for paariotiss and celebration of thii reattcountry we ssare. ttousands turned up in the & iiner harbbr for a frrnt oo seat at the july fourth spectacle. ppectacle. 3 our mmlinda roeder is ive ptere tonight. tonight. she has greaa seat on op of tte science & center.melinda how was the show?? &p3 3 - 3 3 3 new
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3 devellpmenns in that downtown & parking ggragg shooting..... one man issshot bb a former neighbor..... and tooight pollce say thee are confident an arrest will be made... 3&p keith daniels, live detectives haae several people &pof innerest iincustody... keith. keiihh jeenifer..... - police say they were able to seal oof thht garage at lombard aa south calvert street quickly after the shootinn.... they - took several people into tonight police are questionnng those people.. and they saa thaa could lead them to a 3 it was an overnight holiday shooting at a parring garage in ddwntown baltimoree... the victim, aa mannin his 20's. police - say the shoooinn was ánott random.. still, for people who park in this garage, it is ssrprising.(brewster/downtown visstor) "i mean it's horrible. anytime you hear
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somebodyygetttng shot,,i mmaa it's lways tragic... cause -3 it's somebody's son or family, ppople are stupid.. unttl they ways, i mean, it's alwayy going to appen, you know." ..........ii happennd at abouu tww o'clock eaaly monday twice, once in the chest. disputeestarted at a nearry nightclub.. then escalated in &pthe parking gaaage. on-gginggfiggt between pgo.....(bealefeld) "whether it was ovee loud music,,orr & some kind of petty, incredibly petty neighbor ddspute. andd thattwas occcuiig in the &peastsidd of town.." ...........invvstiggtors say, the victim in this case, acttally moveddto avoid - further contaat with his formerr eighbors... but they mmt again in thattclubb... before the gunfire n the ggrage................jeff pdams......(adams) "and the next thing i know, i seen an -3ambulance and firee & deparrment.. aad thaa as it..."...........vvsitinn from cinccnnati..... was in his hotel
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room cllse by with his faaily .. whee they heard gunfiree..tten the coomotionn that ffllowed.(adaas) "whenn doww the harbor, nice ottls, nice restaurants, yoo don't expect to look out the window aad see that...." 3 police are nott releasing the victim's -3 namm..... e's recovering from surgery & tonnght at shock trauma...... .........ddctorr say e iss pxpected to live. ive - at city police headduarters, keett daniels, fox 45 news at 3 3 toniiht, aafamiiy held a -3 fourrh of jjly vigil forra muuder victim. &pvictii. 3 gloriaasteeart joinnd others fourth oo july arbecue in honor of her fallen grandson. &p today would have been willlam daughtry's 1st birthday. he waa shottin the head n stonewoodd oad juue firstt policeeare stilllsearching for the unmen. first of all, i'm gging too ssy today is his birttday, he pould bb twenty-one yeers old todaa his llfe wass aken a little shorttbut glorr e too
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god forrwe know that he had a &psavior thatthe's with right &&pnow 33 police need your help in &pfinding william's killerss anyonn with information iss asked to all baltimore - homicide detectivessat 4100-- 396-2100. you can remain anonymous and oo may even get - a reward. police are tiil on the lookout tonnght for whoeeee ssabbed man whileetrying to rob hhm in dunddlkkit happened here at a high's store on 3 victimmwas taken to a nnarby 3 his ccnditton tonight. - 33 we have an 3 update to the breaking news we - bbouuhhtyou at 5:30. a boater eet overboard in anne arundel countyyearly this afternoon. crews were searchinn the waters near 3 unfortunately, reecuurs say it is now ecovery ooeration and not a escue. dozenn f people were called out in - desperate searcc for the missing peesonn the searrh has been called off for the 3 3 thousands of peeple
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speet his holiday....attte went ssndy point state pprk...drowned....just a few feet froo hore. john rydell has moreeon hat 3& 3 onnthis fourth of -33 was a perfecc be...near the water. ttat's what aatracted thousands....o sandy point state park. but 3 setting wassshatterrd.park rangers...were notifiee that a boy was mmissng. "and hee -- announned that thee were looking for aasix year old chiil."swimmers...were ordered...out of the water...aa the frantic search 3 groups of people joined hands and walked in the watee like 3& osorio...was one of hosee..who joined the seerrh. (osorio) "make a line and we go all the wayyout cause there was ost &pkid.."and they would walk so par and then everybody said hey let's jjut ffnd this child."and a few minutes -&platerr..they
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did.. natural -3& resources policc officer began...c.p.r...on thh child. -(osorio) "when they gave him liie he moved, anndi was happp but aftee that he didn't move 3 dead a short time a nearby hospitall"everybody was 3&ppolice...say the boy was swimming n an un-supervised area..nd it was two hourss - beffreemost lifeguards...began their day. (whistle)) thhoughout the pfternoon...llfeguaadd were restrictee areas.but it'' -3 still nnt knoon....wat happened to the six year old poy. (rydell) "and for mmny of the parenns heee, today's childrenn ace even whhe swiiming in shalloo wattrrlike this..mallaaii "they're out there, uuttbb careful evvn if it's a holiday,,they still have to be caarful."(everett) "and you know, nobody wants too have a tragedy like this on a holiday you and ii was veey sad you sandy point
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state park, john rydell, fox &p45 news at ten. the boy's nameehasn't beee released yet. 3 a mcdonalddsin lisbon is closed ttnight after rease - at the rrstaurant on center 3 while he was oving equupment --- but he's xpecteddto be one else wasshurt. - people in edgewater cootinue & to pick p the pieces after a what's left oo thh home after the fire broke out saturday affernoon.two wommn were -3 84-yeaa-old rooselaanolte is recovering --- bbt the other dieddat tte scene. the cause is still underrinvessigation. -3 3it's a symbol of america aad a bbeathtaking sight...tte - american bald eagll.janice bbrrs are becoming regulars at 3 restaurant. 3& "hi jennifer, norrally this 3 food, but nowwit seems to be theenew hooe for ome bald &peagles, and people eating here tonight ay what better night
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somethiig like this"at the friendly ffrm estaurant: &p3 "we doing okay? hoo is &peverytting"their fried no longee the star attraction: attracttonn"oh y goodness! there he iss" is!""wow! where are you?!"inn juuttthe paattfew weeks, aaerican bald eagles...have made their home here: here:""e ssally roosts hhre in this tree""3 or on top of the restturant's 33&p"i kind f knicknnmed him gw" the windows...give a prime view: view:""ea if he'' not around you ind of miss him" himm"and so where am i suppossd to be looking for it?" pt?""the first thing weeasked 3 seaa, so e'rr ppimed for thht birddtoocome" seats with him"this woman rom waco, tx says her husbaad is such an eagle faaatic... fanatic..."he's an eagle freak - right there...he looes thhm" hees roaaing the fieldd isteaa 3 of us waiting too...the
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majestic bird lands. ii's a take your breath away kknn f momentt poment:"absolutell uubelieveable" &plookkng out the windoo, we - pere like wow haaa" & aha"""t bringss ears to your eees"and remember that man rraminggthe ield? &pfield?"my first time seeing an eagll in thh wild, for july &p4th, an iideppndent bird, 3 thissii awesome" awesome""thess guus were takkn off the endangereddand thrratenee species ist...soo it seemsslike ttee 3 are makiig a ppetty goodd& recoveryy we re in upperco, janice parkkfox 45 newssat ten" p3 p tte restaarant ays they have spotted as any as five bald eaales. 3 4th of july traditions weree alive and well all around the
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py son michael and enjoyee &ptheevery patrioticccrowd at thee4thhoffjuly parade in towson.booh the ouug and the áyounn t áheartt... listenee as theebag piips marched -3 through town ...flags were &pwaving anddthe crowd was applauudng as firrfightees, ccassic cars aad marching bbnds rolled through ... all in celebratioo of our atioo's birrhday. 3 earlier we asked about your -3 july 4th traditionn. foo most of you taking ii easy is t the top of the list. but not facebook...."i'm celeerating by working (time nd a half - pay)!" 3 and markkwriits..."new flag, fireworks and a few beers." &3 go to fox-baltimore dot com . tell us what you thhnk. sound off thru facebook. or send us a tweet at foobaatimore. hear more reeponsesstonight on tte ate edition at 11. &p3&p 3&pand here's a looo
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3 at some of the ireworks seen on the eastern shore last nightt this display took place allng the shore in rock 3 if you're driving back from spending theefourth at yourr favorite vacationnspot. make sure to check fox 45's pump goo t fox baltimorr ddt com to find thh lowest prrces in your area. 3 membeer of theeu-s military & around tte globe celebrated the ourth tooay --- with a soog. 3 p3 ---- singinggnational anthem ----- 3 pnd if you missed
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3&ppprt f that perffrmance by the troops ----or you just &pwant to see it again --- just -3 go to fox baltimoreedot com slash rawwnnws. p3-&&p3 3 how would i do itt? i'd rolll it ann ssove two in at a time 3 that'ssone way to -&ppe ccowned op dog in caatnsville's eating coottst. 3&pfamillar face to the top of the dog pile coming up next in a sppccal fox 455photo essay that may make your tomach hurt.& it reallyymakes you aapreeiate the things we enjoy as americans" 3 how the meenand women ighting for oor freedoms ad some fun on thh &pbattlefield for the fourtth 3 rain in sheets 2 secs. sscs. the ain wouldn't stop. the damage & phis wicked weatter caused in our nation's ccpitoll
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3 denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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3 as fast as you can. ttday, catonsville held a hot dogg --3eating contest. the ruues can beforr time expires and - don't let them.... reappear. phhtojournaliit jason fischer got down and diity to show you who is top dog. -3 dog.
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3 coming p ii sports he big boys... and girls try for the ánationalá hot dog eating title. how ttoay's ferocious competition proved the old addage, the bigger & thhy are, the harder they fall. p you won't wanttto miss &psports unlimited with bruce cominn up after fox45 news t
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-3 ttn. 3& many got into the holiddy spirit at the catonnville fourth of juuy parade. parade."god bless america ..." ..."people came ouu --- decked outt i red - white - and blue to watch the cclor guard --- &pmarching bands nd floats. residents were anticipating & ddas in advance. 3 fourth of july celebratiins evvn reached troops verseas. overseas.u-s marines serving independenne day by having a barbeeue --- with steaas -- -3 hotdogs -- aad cake.these troops were just happy to get a little taste of homee. 3 "i've haa quite a few &ppnddpendence days away from home, from the states anddit - really makes you appreciatee paaericans" the celebration was juss a ---- the day was business as usual. a powerrul line
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3 of thundersttrms did ome major amage in tte naaion'ss storms dumped heavy rains on the national all, caasing ppoppe to run for over. that thhy tore this trrffic light oot of the ground and dumped it in the street. 3 destroyed s giant trees -& couldn't stand against the 3 winds. - is the severe weather chief meeeorologist vytas eii is ttacking tte &
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3 p you can bb in charge of yyur own personalized forecaat. i-raddr issnow available at foxbaltimore dot com. se the interactivv tools to - ttack coming sttrms downnto -& yyur street. go to ffxbaatimore dot com slash i-radar. 3
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33 ssoking drug haasa hidden downn -& side. the damage it's & causing tt people kickiig the --33 haait. 33 you would hink we would support oor own ountry." -3 3 chiia is taking over america's birthday. how fox 45 is elping you fight back fooramerican industry. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah!
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it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v.
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3 as e celebrrted the fourth of july today....mmybe you bought a llt of holiday decorations.. and maybeeyou saw fireworrs tonight.but re tte itees we use to celebrate our paariotism, made by merican wookers? you may be surprised 3-
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3 for a link to aawebsite comppnies that use only pmerican labor and materials. 3 baltimore dot com and click onn the newslinks tab. 3 3 coming up -- the casse - anthooy trial is owwin thh hanns of the jjry.the 3 jurors. 33 and --- a ddug meant to help be deadly.the risks associaaed researchers areecalling for.. -33 next ---- 3
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3&p3 && before they light tte theefireworks, thousands in dunddlk start each 4th of july pith anotter traditton.... waking uppbefore 7700 am. joel . smith takes us to the front lines , where fun and -3patriotism meet. meet. - 3 11:57 everythinn. the &pmarchiig bands..t's been the same story for the last 77 pears of tte dundalk 4th oo july paradee hhy are -3&pproud... nd like it louu. 2914 but to make surr you hear
10:37 pm
& it ll starts many ours agoo, &pat a much quieterrtime. chair drop before theedaan's & earlyylight, brave soull markk -3 anndmetal.. 12:11we got up at 4:30, woke up the baby and - came here with friends. 17:22 you ave to do that if you want to sit in the front row here. jack lambies been coming heee for thh past 30 years... his wife's family &peven longer. 11:40 dundalk is 3 peooll in attirreyou doont normally see them ii. thee red white and blue is everywhere... on hhrts, on & bodies, .. and theestuff - poing iito bodies. 14550 -3 4th of july dunkin doouts!! do they taste bette ro thee 4th? oh yeah.. the marrhing 3 around the country toobe here, -3&pmarching that gees thh iggest applauseeon the 4th."hey" few hours... mmch less hann the anticipatton.6:33 hey 3 up and sown steops. couldn't
10:38 pm
keep them in tteir rooms! - and now they onll have to wait 366 days toodo it all again! 17722 it's a traditional thing,,bben going on for maay years... and wouldn't want to be any other place buu here onn phe th of jjly. joel d. smith, 2517 i'm having a ball, are you? foxx45 news aa -3 33 hhae any good pictures from today... see itt..shoot t.. send it. you can upllad photts and - videos to our wwbsite. go o foxbaltimore dot com and cllck oo the "see it, shoot it, send it coon you can also send photos directly from our cell phhne to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com.. & 3 3 losing argummnts in the casey pnthony rial were heard yesserday --- and now it's n the ands of the jury. juuy..he mmrnnng ssarted offf with prosecutoossrebutting the defense's cosing staaements ----using thher last chance before deliberationn to remind
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casey anttony's roll in her 2 year oldd aughter's death. & 3 ""asey anthony ii the onll person to havv access to every single ppece of evidence." evvdence."the jurors are now pouring over the evidence --- anthony ----including capital murder.if shheis conviited of thattcharge ---she could faae pheedeath penalty. 3 aa anti-smoking drug may lead attack or strokee 3 aanew study shows chantix -- a drrg designed to help - smokers kick the habit --- can lead to serious harr issues & -3researchers are calling for -3 sttrnger warningssthan thh ones currently requireddby the f-d-a. 3& fox news' politiial twitter account was hacked thii & morning. 3 the false tweets possed by the hackers sid things like "barack obamaahas just passed" & and "we wish joe biden thee
10:40 pm
best of luck as our new &ppresident."the hackers even chhnged theepasswoods ---- preventing fox from correcttngg - now working with twitter to find ootthow the haak hhppened. & 3 &pair force training to the test durrngg is tour of canada.the ssecial technique he used to land this heeicopter --- chanting---- chanting---- a rrlll againnt they ssaged the huge rally and what hey had o say about their southhkorran -33 counterparts. &p3 & the twoojudges who are definitely cominn back tt the judgee table next season n american idol... tomorrow n fox45 mmrning newss
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3 we are tracking brraking news out of the fouuth of julyy celebration on theeinner harbor. there's been a - phooting and a stabbing just &pmoments ago. ago. meeinda oeeer is live down there with the latest, melinda? 3 3- 3- 3 3 communist north
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3 korea --- is once again --- threateninggto attacc the south. chanting chanting x 3sscss- 3secsat this huge rally ---- - the north called souuh korea belligerent and provocativv & troops of carrying hostill signs.100-thousand soldiers -&pand civilians were at the &pralll --- sending a "sttrnn south. a fiery attack on the natural gas pipeline in egypt. guaads -3 say the fllmee erupted afftr arred mennplanned explosives - aan shot at the valves --- third attack on thee ipeline since february.crrws wwre able to put out the onee has claimme responsibblity --- but it'' believeddto beethe work of exttemists. -3 prince williaa puts his oyal
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& air force seaach and rescuee 3 canada. control of this sse kinn helicopper ---to practice a - lake-too lanning maaeuver - knoww as "waterbirding""--- duriig is stop at prince edward island.the royal couulee will continuu theirrvisit headdng to the u-s on friday.. 3 3 p .it's tte suupr bowl of 3 dozens of dogs consumed byy thissyear's inner... next in sportt unlimittd...
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3 p i gotta have more fireworks! 3 3 fewwthings aae

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